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she's just a small town girl
living in a lonely world
she took the midnight train going a n y w h e r e

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April 29, 2006]
since i dont have a computer anymore i thought id just update a few things
went to my first dr apt. yesterday and i am 9 weeks and 4 days along and got my first sonagram. crazy im having a kid. ahhh not alot of time but ill try to keep checking in... <3
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March 26, 2006]
quick update. no computer anymore. thus no updating.

took 3 preg. test. all possitive

so ladies and gents jessica adelman is havinga baby
when i get a chance i am going to fill everyting in
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January 20, 2006]
i hate my life right now. i have no time for anything. jakes dog ate 4 pair of my shoes this week.i am mad. i work constantly. i miss everyone.including rachel. who never calls me 7041087 i saw ashley at the boot last night. it was a bust, i have no time to update anymore. ihate it i miss it. and i need to blow dry my hair. ugh. ineed to into the hang of things again, but i need encouragement
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December 2, 2005]
gosh its been forever since i updated. but its because of my busy sched. i am in the middle of moving into another house. its a 3 bedroom 1 bath house. full basement washer and dryer. huge living room and dining room. and a fire place. i like it alot. im just stressed about the whole living situation. this means brandy and jake actually are paying for stuff considering jake doesnt have a job this will be interesting. i probably wont have internet for a bit, until less we can hook it up pretty quick. so please dont delete from your lists. i do read everyday almost. so wish me luck.....
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the end [Monday
November 21, 2005]
we broke up.

what an update.

were going to be friends for now
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